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Southend Pier in Essex

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Opening times
Mon - Fri: 08.15 - 18.00
Sat, Sun: 08.15 - 20.00
Mon - Sun: 08.15 - 20.00
Mon - Fri: 08.15 - 18.00
Sat, Sun: 08.15 - 20.00
Mon - Sun: 09.15 - 17.00
Ticket prices
Train (return):
Adult £3.58
Child / OAP / Concessions £1.79
Walk & Ride (walk one way and ride the other or walk both ways):
Adult £3.06
Child / OAP / Concessions £1.79
Southend Pier
In the record books for the worlds longest pleasure pier, Southend Pier is the most famous landmark associated with the town.

At first sight, this Victorian marvel is a breathtaking spectacle, running out into the Thames estuary for well over a mile supported by thousands of centipede like legs.

The pier was completed at the height of the Victorian seaside boom in 1889 and has withstood numerous fires and collisions from ships. It is as popular now as it was back then and remains a magnet for holiday makers from all over the world. Despite its run of bad luck over the years, the pier is open and the trains are running - little red and white trains which rattle holiday makers out to the kiosks and chip shops.